Cheap Gateways To Spend Your Weekends -

Cheap Gateways To Spend Your Weekends

Cheap Gateways To Spend Your Weekends

Cheap gateways always give you a chance to visit new places and get rid of daily routine. Vacations are something that attracts all but not all of us can travel as much as we want to. Sometimes holidays give us a chance to go out and explore the world, but we could not plan it because of numerous reasons, and the expensive travelling plan is one of them.

So if you have a travelling soul inside you then don’t keep it in a cage and let it visit the different places. If you want to go on vacation but lack of money and time don’t let you plan it then here we have to bring some cheap gateways.  

Here are a few significant gateways from the metro areas around the US. Each of them is a beautiful place to spend your week, and all of them fall into the category of cheap gateways.

Have a look at the cheap gateways around the US to spend your weekend.

Cheap Gateways To Spend Weekends

Have a look at the cheap gateways to spend your weekend within budget.

Seattle —One Of The Cheap Gateways In Washington

Cheap Gateways To Spend Your Weekends
Cheap Gateways To Spend Your Weekends

If you love natural beauty, then this place is an ideal weekend gateway for you. Its a perfect and cheap gateway for seasoned travellers. Here you can sing your heart out in karaoke and shop designer fashions, admire the art pieces. Overall its a best break you can gift to you within budget. Space Needle is the main attraction of Seattle, and you can also visit the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) here.

Chicago — Illinois

The awe-inspiring skyscrapers of Chicago invite the traveller to come and visit the city. Here you will find everything that a tourist looks for. It is one of the cheapest gateways you can visit when you don’t have much vacation in your bucket. The food of Chicago is mouth-watering. Do not forget to visit the museum of this city where you will find more than 700 works of public art by renowned artists. 

Sacramento – California 

Cheap Gateways To Spend Your Weekends
Cheap Gateways To Spend Your Weekends

If you are from San Francisco, then this place tops the list of cheap gateways. You can reach here in just 90 minutes from San Francisco, and you can visit this beautiful city on the weekend. Sacramento Zoo and Fairytale Town are the main attractions of this place. If historical sites attract you, then you would love to visit Old Sacramento, a historic riverfront district. So, pack your bags and go for a quick weekend holiday here. 

Dutchess County – New York

Dutchess County is a treat for eyes if you are a fan of scenic landscapes. It is one of the most visited places by travellers. Hudson Valley getaway in Dutchess County has 800 square miles of natural scenic beauty. You can also witness historical landmarks here. You can observe the beauty of this place through the eyes of the original Dutch settlers. 

So here is our list for cheap gateways. We hope you choose one of them as per your feasibility to spend your weekend. 

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