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Enjoy An Amazing Family Vacation in Virginia Beach – Tips You Must Remember

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When it comes to planning a family vacation, Virginia Beach offers a lot of fun and things to do. This is because this beach city has a lot to offer and cater to families. You can go to different beaches such as the Ocean Breeze, the Spit, or even to the Virginia Beach Golf and Country Club. In case you are not so keen on shelling out cash for your trip, there are plenty of things to do at Virginia Beach.

Family Vacation in Virginia Beach

A sandy beach next to the ocean

First, the Ocean Breeze is one of the best places to spend a day because of the view of the beach. You will be able to watch many types of events that occur each day, such as the Southern Blue Laws Tour, the Virginia Beach Crab Festival, or the Virginia Beach Film Festival. You can also go swimming on the beaches during the day or go on a bike ride with your family after having a good time in the sand. In case you are travelling with kids, you can schedule some sightseeing tours where you get to go to the Aquarium, the Children’s Museum, or the Chrysler Museum. These tours are only available during certain times, and you should make sure to make reservations well in advance.

The Spit is also a very popular family vacation spot in Virginia Beach. You will get to go surfing, boogie boarding or just simply lounge on the beach and enjoy the sun. It has some beautiful white sand and lots of awesome restaurants, gift shops, bars, and nightclubs. Some of the great things about the Spit include the Virginia Beach Crab Festival, the Scripps Lemon Festival, and the annual Blowout Beach Party. All of these events occur around the Juneau date. If you are coming from out of state and would like to hit some other exciting beach destination, the Spit would be a great choice.

Great Option For Family Vacation

A sandy beach next to the ocean

The Virginia Beach Family Fun Park is another great option for your Virginia Beach family vacation. Here, you can bring the family and have some fun together. The playground area even includes a water play area for kids to do. There is a free amusement park and games. There is even an electronic play area where children can move and groove to the music of the theme parks.

For those who want something more than just a good time at the beach, the Virginia Beach Family Water Park is a good place to stay. This location offers over two miles of beautiful beach, along with over nine different family pools. There is even a life-size swimming shark if that is your family’s pleasure. The waters of the park are filled with tropical fish, as well as turtles, and much more. There is even a thrill ride available. This family vacation gem also offers a movie theatre and free family breakfast every night.

Things To Consider

In terms of actual activities, you can spend a family vacation on any of the beaches in Virginia Beach. Oceanfront homes in Virginia Beach are popular for obvious reasons. You will enjoy all kinds of water activities, including swimming, surfing, windsurfing, boating, diving, jet-skiing, or just lying on the beach and soaking in the sun. There are even lifeguard stations set up so that kids can get an early morning swim.

One of the most popular Virginia Beach family vacation ideas is a day trip to Williamsburg. Williamsburg is a famous town, which has a history that dates back to Colonial times. There are a variety of hotels, restaurants, and shops that tourists can enjoy. Williamsburg is also known for being one of the first places to be established in the original colonies of Virginia. Today, tourists can take part in history by taking in a reenactment of the colonists’ travels as they settle in Williamsburg.

Bottom Line

Virginia Beach family vacation ideas are varied and wonderful. You will see why this area has become so popular over the years. It is a great place for a family vacation, where the kids can have fun in the sand while the adults can relax on the beaches. The weather is wonderful year-round, which adds to the reason that it is such a popular family vacation spot.

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