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Enjoying a Long Weekend Family Trip Idea

long weekend family trip ideas

These are both great ideas but what about taking a family cruise? Let’s look at some more long weekend family trip ideas. A family cruise is a trip without kids and you can actually take weeks (or months) to get everything together. That sounds great doesn’t it? But it can be expensive. This is also not a very flexible idea. You can’t put a time frame on a vacation and if you do it is just impossible to keep your plans because of money. This means you are stuck having to deal with a variety of little things.

It is not too bad though! You can always try a trip to a resort that does not involve kids and one that will leave you free to do other things. These can be discounted resorts and hotels. You can find one of these fairly easily but what if you want a special vacation?

A Caribbean Cruise

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Well then, how about a Caribbean cruise? You can take a Caribbean trip that will have you in an area with a great view. This is a long weekend trip and it would be perfect for spending time with your family. What better way to begin a weekend than spending it with your children?

Other long weekend family trip ideas include taking a trip to Las Vegas. Of course this would mean spending some time at the casinos. You will also have to consider a hotel because it can be rather expensive. If you really want to see Las Vegas you can consider one of the many out of town Las Vegas trips.

A Trip To The Mountains

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When you are considering your long weekend family trip ideas, you might also want to consider a trip to the mountains. There are several different mountains that you can visit. Some of them have a lot to offer when it comes to hiking. Others have wonderful sightseeing opportunities as well.

Are you looking for a long weekend getaway from the city? What about taking a trip to New York City? Do you have plans to visit during the holiday season? If so, this can be a fun trip for the entire family. The only problem with this is the cost.

New York Night Tour

You may want to check into a New York night tour. These tours provide you with the best views of New York City and give you the opportunity to take in all of the best sites. These trips can really add some excitement to your long weekend or week-end. There are several different long weekend getaways available. Take the time to explore what they have to offer and figure out which is right for you.

Are you interested in an educational trip for your children? There are several educational trips available. You can go to several museums and spend a day learning about a certain part of history or discover a new area of interest. There are many different museums that offer these kinds of activities. This is a great way to give your children a memorable experience.

A Spa Weekend

If you are looking for a unique experience, you may want to consider taking a spa weekend. This can provide you and your spouse with an afternoon or evening of relaxation and pampering. There are many different spas that can offer you a relaxing and pampering time. Make sure that you make plans to take advantage of any overnight stays that are provided by the spa.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, you may want to consider planning a picnic. Picnics allow you and your family to enjoy the beautiful scenery that you will be exposed to on your long weekend trip. If you have the opportunity to see a natural wonder, you should definitely consider scheduling a picnic at that location. It is also a wonderful way to end a long weekend spent at the beach.


No matter what kind of weekend getaway you are looking for, there is a perfect destination for you to take your family. Make sure that you are researching all the different options that are available before making any decisions. This will allow you to ensure that you are making the best decision for your long weekend getaway. A vacation is supposed to be fun for everyone in the family, including the adults. If you take the time to find the perfect weekend getaway, it will be well worth the effort that you put into finding it.

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