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zrce beach

Zrće beach is located in Novalja, a town on the west coast of the island Pag. It is part of a larger resort area called Zrće and can be found in the north-western part of the bay Galovac. Since it became more popular in the last few years for its crazy parties, we can say that Zrce beach and the whole resort are popular for electronic music parties. The main clubs are Aquarius, Kalypso, Papaya, and Noa, and many smaller ones like Boomerang, Box, and Aquarius Out Side.

What are the activities to do at Zrce beach?

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There are also some other activities to do on Zrce beach apart from partying. You can do some sports activities like Beach Volley, Surf or Wake Board. Or you can visit the Aquarius shop where you can buy some beach equipment such as sunglasses and swimsuits or rent a jet ski. If you would like to stay on the beach for a longer period of time you can also book your day bed with an umbrella and /or tent via the Zrce beach official website.

What is the best way to get to Zrce beach?

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If you are already in Croatia, island Pag or Novalja or Zadar, then finding the way to Zrce Beach will be really easy. There are buses (Novalja-Zrce line) between Novalja and Zrce beach every 20 minutes. But you are more likely to find a taxi in the part, especially if it is high season.

Where can you stay at Zrce beach?

As mentioned above, when Zrce became more famous it also started to be a really popular destination among tourists from all over Europe. That means, that you should make a hotel reservation in advance if you want to stay overnight at Zrce Beach. Another option is to check other accommodation options on island Pag.

Is Zrce beach safe?

Zrce Beach and the resort area itself have very good safety standards. Even though there are parties and people partying till morning, there are also lifeguarding services. But, still, it can be dangerous if you are not careful enough. For the security of people who visit Zrce, there are many security guards around.

What kind of clothes to wear at Zrce beach?

The weather on island Pag is really warm during the summertime, so almost any type of clothing is allowed although most people wear a simple bikini and some even go naked.

However, if you would like to stay under the sun for a longer period of time we recommend bringing sunscreen protection. If you don’t want to get too much tan, then also parasol is a good choice. Also wearing sunglasses is really important and for this purpose do not forget to put them in your bag.

Where to eat at Zrce beach?

Zrce isn’t a place that attracts people for longer periods of time, especially if we’re talking about the daytime because all the clubs and bars are open only at night. If you want to try some Croatian cuisine and enjoy the nice view and fresh breeze, we recommend visiting Hotel Zora restaurant. This place is located near the Aquarius club and it’s open only in the evenings during the summer season. If you would like to try something different, then go for some pizza or burger at Barracuda Beach Club.

How to get to Zrce beach?

Since Zrce became one of the most popular places on island Pag, there are more and more ways how to get there. The first one is using a regular bus line (Novalja-Zrce line) which goes between Novalja and Zrce every 20 minutes. Another option is to book a transfer from Zadar Airport which will take only 40 minutes. This way you don’t have to worry about transport over there.

Where is the best place for accommodation at Zrce beach?

Zrce is located in Novalja and it’s one of the most famous places there. This means that you should book your hotel room in advance if you want to stay overnight. However, if this way doesn’t suit you, there are also a few other accommodation options for example Hotel Koralj which can be found at island Pag.

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