Planning a Perfect Winter Vacation for Families -

Planning a Perfect Winter Vacation for Families

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A great family vacation idea is a trip to Florida. This is probably the best place for a family reunion because of all the destination options and the festive spirit. Florida is the state with the largest number of sunshine lovers, so there are plenty of beaches for you and your loved ones to enjoy – from the warm waters of the Gulf to the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Florida is also the home of America’s first Space Shuttle, so any trip to this state will provide a momentous event for those interested in space.

Atlantic And Gulf Coasts Attract Millions Of Summer Tourists

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The Atlantic and Gulf coasts attract millions of summer tourists, but in the winter months Florida weather can be harsh. In order to keep your family warm and comfortable, you need to find some great vacation ideas for cold weather destinations. Florida offers some great beaches where families can go for a vacation without worrying about the snow piling up on the car or getting stuck in the snow. You might want to consider a Florida ski trip. This is usually a good idea if you and your family already know skiers. Some of the best ski areas are in Florida and include North Baldy, Sunapee and Deer Lake.

If you have children in school, you will want to look into the possibility of a Florida family Christmas vacation. Florida has some excellent schools that offer many different types of programs that your children might enjoy, including Christian, Jewish and Spanish programs. Some of the destinations where Christian families might want to go for their Christmas vacations include Saint Augustine, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach and Winter Springs. The Jewish community in Florida has its own unique holiday destination – Temple Minster, which is open to visitors nine days a year. For families that enjoy traveling to various locations around the world, there are even more destinations for a Florida family Christmas vacation.

Spending Your New Year Eve At A Ballroom Dance – Vacation Ideas For Family

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If you love the idea of spending your New Year’s Eve at a ballroom dance then a cruise is the perfect choice for you and your loved ones. Carnival Cruise Lines offers many different cruises each year as part of its New Year’s Eve celebration. Each cruise has its own theme with themes such as Back to Basics, Christmas on the Bay, Silver and so much more. If you want to spend a winter holiday with your children, then consider taking a cruise around the state. These cruises typically take place in December and the weather tends to be great in Florida in the months of January and February.

Another one of the best ideas for family vacations in Florida is to visit Disney. There are several theme parks that you and your family can visit while at Disney. For instance, you and your kids will love the special New Year’s Eve event where you can ring in the New Year with fireworks. At the Magic Kingdom, you can visit Epcot and experience the magic of the World’s largest cartoon park. If you want a different kind of New Year’s Eve celebration, then look no further than Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, which offers nightly entertainment, dinner and dancing during the day, along with access to the most magical Safari Park in the world.

Golf Vacation At The World-Renowned St. Lucia Golf Course

Some of the other great ideas for family holidays in Florida include taking a golf vacation at the world-renowned St. Lucia Golf Course. It offers seven courses of different sizes for you and your family to enjoy during winter wonderland. The terrain is full of pine trees, dunes and desert lands. You can also spend a few hours enjoying the Christmas light and see the different Christmas trees during your time on the course. At night, there are a number of performances by Christmas entertainers at the Miracle Garden Theatre.

In addition to having a wonderful time on your vacation in Florida, it is also one of the best places to catch some of the best winter vacations with your loved ones. Florida is the only state in the United States that hosts three national parks that are popular with families and people of all ages. At the U.S. National Park, you can do some hiking, biking, boating and more in many of its numerous trails. Other popular winter vacation ideas for the family include taking a ski trip down to Copper Mountain or spending an afternoon skiing at one of the many ski slopes in Florida.

Bottom Line

For those looking for the ultimate holiday experience, Florida offers one of the best destinations in the country for horseback riding, camping, zip lining and more. You can take a horseback ride along the beaches of Florida and spend the day at the beach or maybe go zip lining along the Gulf of Mexico. If you have kids, you can visit the Discovery Museum of Natural History or spend time in Disney World or the Space Museum. No matter which winter wonderland you choose, you’re sure to have a fantastic time in Florida this winter.

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