Planning Weekend Trips To San Diego

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Whether you choose to spend a relaxing day at a country-style cottage by the river, or roughing it across a roaring river in a kayak, you and your family will be delighted with the adventures awaiting you. In Texas, you can find endless possibilities for weekend getaway fun: the fun never stops!

Your first stop on your journey for family weekend trips in Texas is San Jose. It’s the capital and largest city of California, and home to hundreds of schools, businesses, and neighborhoods. There are lots of fun activities to keep you busy during your stay in San Jose. You can go on a tour of the Presidio, which is famous for the Spanish mission-style buildings and Spanish history. The Historic Downtown skyline is definitely worth a look, as is the Presidio National Historic Park. The Presidio features numerous attractions and parks, including Sea World, the San Jose Zoo, the convention center, the Fort Presidio Park, and Museum of Science and Space Transit.

A Family Fishing Trip

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Secondly, in San Jose, you have the option of taking a family fishing trip. A few hours away from civilization, but just a short drive away from some of the finest catches in California, fishing is a favorite pastime among families on vacation. Depending on the season, there are many guided fishing excursions in and around San Jose; some starting in Fort Collins and ending in Livermore.

A little further north from San Jose is Palm Springs, a very charming getaway with beautiful scenery and ample activities. Palm Springs is also popular with tourists and boasts several unique golf courses. If you want to add more to your weekend getaway, consider a full list of Palm Springs attractions and sights, then make reservations at local hotels. You’ll find many excellent meals, great shops, and an array of activities to keep you occupied during your time away from home.

Northern California

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For family fishing trips in Northern California, you might want to consider a trip out to fishing-rich Northern California. Northern California is full of natural wonders: forests, lakes, and streams abound. There are tons of family friendly fishing spots in Northern California, so make sure that you bring your most comfortable beachwear and fishing rod. You can find many full-service fishing charters in Northern California, and if you prefer to camp out instead of fishing, there are many campgrounds with beds and showers nearby, as well as restrooms and places to cook up your meals.

There are many different types of activities that you can enjoy on San Francisco weekend trips. For the art lover in you, the world-famous art district will allow you to view some of the most spectacular works of art from the artists who created the artwork. Besides visiting the art galleries, you can wander through the streets filled with interesting shops selling everything from antiques to fashionable clothing and gadgets. San Francisco is a beautiful city with many famous landmarks. One of the most famous is the Golden Gate Bridge, which you can see from a funicular train ride above the city.

A Relaxing Weekend Trip

For a relaxing weekend trip, San Luis Obispo offers some of the best water activities on the west coast. The most popular water activities in San Luis Obispo include swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, and boating.

You can choose from a variety of day or weekend adventures depending on what you are looking for. Spend an afternoon at the beach learning to surf and watch the waves crash down onto the shore below. Kayak down a scenic river near La Jolla or go whale watching off the coasts of Encinitas.


Sequoia National Park is a great place for families. They offer camping spots, picnic spots, and easy hiking trails. The park is also home to majestic trees that are thousands of years old. Hiking enthusiasts will be impressed by the terrain of the park. There are trails that range from easy to challenging, depending on your skill level. As you explore Sequoia National Park, make sure to stop at the Wildlife Loop Road where you can easily walk the length of the park in just one day.

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