Top 6 Beautiful Places In The World - Beautiful places

Top 6 Beautiful Places In The World

Top 6 Beautiful Places In The World

There are thousands of unbelievable beautiful places around the globe. Let’s check out the top 6 beautiful sites or better to say breathtaking and jaw-dropping places you must see before you die. Check these six beautiful places you never hear. Moreover, some of the areas remain untouched by human activities. Here are the lists of 6 most unbelievable beautiful places in the world.

1. Tunnel Of Love, Ukraine: Beautiful Places

The Tunnel of love is one of the most romantic and beautiful places in Ukraine. It located in the town of Kleven. The tunnel of love is almost 3 kilometers long railway life surrounded by trees gives it the shape of a tube. It is simply incredible.

This tree corridor of love mostly attracts photographers and lovers. That’s the reason; it is one of the most romantic places across the world.

2. Tianzi Mountains, China

It is situated in the Hunan territory of Chiana. Tianzi means the “Son of Heaven”. This natural mountain range spread over 16650 acres. This historical place is the favorite tourist spot due to its impressive and renowned peaks.

It is famous as it is called as the monarch of the peak forest. Every peak of these mountains provides a superb view. If you are a true nature lover, then you must visit here to see the floating clouds, cherish the beauty of moonlight.

Top 6 Beautiful Places In The World
Top 6 Beautiful Places In The World

3. Algarve Cave, Portugal- One Of The Most Beautiful Places

Algarve Cave of Portugal is the natural seaside cave. The constant action of sea waves formed it, and it is considered as one of the largest cave, by wave cuts, in this world. It is a natural shelter on the sea beach, and that is the reason it attracts too many tourists. 

4. Great Blue Hole, Belize, Central America

You can see this World’s most massive sea hole, the Great Blue Hole, on the coast of Belize, Central America. It is the world heritage site, due to its stunning beauty. It forms due to the sudden rise of sea level, and now this is the most favorite part of scuba drivers. The coral system is the reason for its incredible color, and it is an excellent source of marine life.

5. Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan

Top 6 Beautiful Places In The World
Top 6 Beautiful Places In The World

It is amazing to see the natural Sagano Bamboo Forest, spread 16 square km of Kyoto city area of Japan. It’s beauty and the natural sound of the wind when it blows through the forest, an enjoyable experience. Being a tourist you will enjoy a lot while walking through the forest paths.

6. Lavender Garden, London

Lavender garden of London is a beautiful place; you will notice the most delicate lavender in this world. This flower paradise located in Carshalton, a few miles away from central London.

Also, the perfect time of cherishing this paradise is the middle of November and the end of December. It is open regularly for visitors. Along with the beautiful lavenders, tourists can see many butterflies and various types of small birds.

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