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Water Park And Theme Park Options For Family Fun Vacations With Teenagers

family vacation ideas with teenagers

When you think about your vacations, the things that probably come to mind are going on a beach at a tropical island, or maybe taking a nice relaxing cruise ship cruise around the world. While these vacation ideas may be great for adults, we all know that they aren’t the best for children. There are ways though that you can make your child’s vacation fun no matter what age they are. If you don’t know where to start, let’s go over some ideas that you may not have considered before. Let’s face it; most theme parks and water parks aren’t exactly family friendly no matter what they claim on their websites.

Kuala Lumpur

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One of the best theme park holiday destinations for teenagers is Kuala Lumpur. This place in Sabah, Malaysia is an ideal location for a trip to the outdoors. The climate is tropical and very pleasant. You can hike alongside locals who use local plants and fruits to catch the day’s energy. Or, you can just enjoy watching the locals enjoy themselves. There’s something here for everyone.

In San Miguel de Allende you can take a long drive up a mountain pass and then visit the town of Puerto Ayora. This area is a great spot for families because it offers a more rural feel. It also offers a lot of activities for teenagers. Many families like to spend time hiking through this area and taking in some amazing scenery.

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

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For those who want to do a little hiking but don’t really want to head into the woods there’s another option. There’s the family park near Escondido, California called the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and it’s a great spot for a day at the museum and a little entertainment. There’s also the Wildwater state park in California near Lake Laguna which is a wonderful place for hiking and bird watching. And if you’re up for rock climbing, they have five top climbing spots in all of Southern California.

In the town of Encinitas you can spend your day fishing in one of their two Punta Cana marinas. If you like to kayak you can rent a kayak from the local vendors at the marina or, if you’re a little more adventurous, find your own. There’s also a great little glen rose bed and breakfast in the area. This is a great vacation spot for couples because it has everything they need.

Hotel Santa Fe

In Punta Cana there’s another family vacation idea that involves staying at a famous hotel such as Hotel Santa Fe. This hotel is located right on Santa Fe Beach and is known for its amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. Not only does it have great beach views, it also has some gorgeous rooms and even a submarine tour! This is another family vacation idea with teenagers that really stands out.


These are just two of many great holiday destinations for teenagers. There are lots of other water park and theme park options as well if your teenager don’t like the above mentioned water parks or theme parks. However, the two that I mentioned are definitely among the best spots for family vacations with teenagers in Southern California.

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